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Beautiful Calculator is a scientific calculator with skins and logging
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Beautiful Calculator is a scientific calculator that has many features which result in enhanced convenience for your calculation needs.
One of the most interesting features that Beautiful Calculator has is the Log, which stores all previous calculations. In this embedded log, you can insert a separator for better viewing, delete the last entered string, and it even stores it in a text file, so you don't have to repeat a process or can use it as a supporting documentation if needed.
You can perform not only the basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, percentages and memory handling, but you can also make more complex calculations, such as sin, cos, inverse tangent, logarithmic operations, and many more.
Another wonderful feature that makes this calculator beautiful is the option to change its appearance. Once the application is downloaded, you have the option to include some of the skins in the installation, and you can download more at the developer's website.
Also when Beautiful Calculator is minimized, it can be configured to remain in the system tray, in the taskbar or both whichever is the most convenient way for you.
Another feature in Beautiful Calculator in the way it is displayed is that you can configure the opacity the application window will have and if it will remain on top of other windows even if it's not active.

Rafael Canela
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  • Great skins to customize with
  • Easy to use
  • Very Customizable
  • Log options are very useful


  • Evaluation only for 30 days
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